Seamless Email

Are you conducting business on a Hotmail or Gmail account?
Good, we sure hope not. We offer implementation expertise for your organizations to adopt Exchange. If it is a migration from another platform to Exchange or a ground up communications solution; we have the answers to your questions! Communication is an important part of any organization and Exchange is the platform that allows you to own your communication channels, block spam and control your information. Exchange offers the most standard platform for user access, full mobility, server level mailbox rules, this is enterprise level communications at SMB prices. In fact 81 of the Fortune 100 companies run Exchange as their primary groupware server software [1].
Tight Solutions offers hosting services provided by Microsoft. They provide a superior subscription service that can become your entire document storage solution. With all of your documents and email on a shared server platform all information becomes highly available and reliable. No backups to worry about, all communication can be record retention compliant: We are talking full security full manageability and full scalability.
The current state of mobile communications has created a new level of access with Exchange Active Sync [2], It is essential to many fast moving businesses today. Most people cannot comprehend the meaning until they experience having data fully synchronized without plugging in. Calendar items and contacts are protected and available within outlook and your Smartphone. The way I have heard everyone else put it is “COOL!” To experience a system that syncs in real time and provides the exact same information in either format. It is that powerful of a tool. Active sync is so fast that email generally arrives on ones phone before it arrives in Outlook!
Today’s Exchange allow a completely consistent user experience. There is virtually no difference between the Outlook client and Outlook Web Access. For a demonstration of Outlook Web Access contact us for login information.
Outlook is the software that accesses the server. Any server license allows for the latest version of Office Outlook, keeping your entire organization on the same very supportable platform. This applies to either hosted or full licensed users. This system will provide accessible secured shareable communications and the calendar functions. This is what collaboration is all about!
The base hosted package from $8.00/mo - 1TB File Storage Per User and Office Apps