Serving KC for over 15 Years

Kansas City Skyline

Tight Solutions is a Kansas City IT consulting company. We named our company Tight Solutions because that is what we provide: Tight Solutions for your business challenges.

tight [tahyt] –adjective
1. firmly or closely fixed in place; not easily moved; secure.
2. easy to deal with or manage.
3. fitted together so closely, as to be impervious.
4. concise; terse.
5. carefully arranged or organized and full.
6. tidy.
7. neatly or well built.

Tight Solutions was established to provide Kansas City businesses, big and small, needed advice on how to leverage technology to achieve objectives. We take a top down approach to understanding your business. As partners, we work to understand your culture, processes, and technology to provide the best solutions for your business challenges. 

We handle customer sites from Topeka, Kansas to St. Joseph, Missouri all the way Atlanta, GA. Our customer systems range from twenty to one server.