Triangle Sales Order Query System


Triangle Sales Order Query System Case Study




Company profile

Established in 1947 Triangle Sales serves Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning contractors with the finest equipment in the industry. 

Business situation

Customers post orders through Triangle staff who record the order in a custom program. In order to schedule jobs the customers need to know when the equipment will be delivered, and when each part of the order will be fulfilled. Currently reports are generated and delivered via email. Customers also call in for the status of their order.

Technical situation

Triangle has a website which can be augmented to tie into the existing database. It has an Access back end which almost every web server can digest. All data should remain in a format the can be controlled by Triangle users.


Develop an interface, using session variables to keep the project secure and cross browser compliant. Keep the data in the existing database format to minimize programming the current user interface. Allow all user security to reside in a table in the existing database.


Customers now have on demand access to the same information that internal Triangle users have. An extension provides the lookup of tracking information directly from the freight carriers. This provides a richer experience for Triangle customers, who have control over their own information.

Products and services used

  • Windows Server
  • Visual Web Developer
  • .Net
  • Programming Services