What is virtualization?

Platform virtualization refers to the practice of running many "Guest" operating systems on one physical "Host" which allows for greater utilization of expensive computer hardware. The savings on the support of legacy applications and operating systems can be enormous!
A large server can run many distinct OSes on one physical server providing consolidation of legacy systems inside a virtual machine, less power consumption and maximum performance per watt.
Our solutions build on the wide range of technologies from Microsoft’s Hyper-V to VMware’s ESX server. This helps free up valuable resources—so your people can innovate, collaborate, and drive your business forward. Additional benefits include an increase in system uptime, end-user productivity, the enhancement and protection of corporate data, and the simplication of IT compliance.
Tight Solutions can help you provide rich, connected capabilities across the infrastructure and help protect both your environment and your confidential data from intrusion and disruption. As a result, you’ll be able to help control costs, improve service levels, and drive agility.