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IT Strategy

Tight Solutions offers sound advice on where IT can impact your business. Based on your company's culture and capabilities, we offer solutions to take advantage of opportunities, mitigate threats, and help you achieve your business goals.

Never buy a PC again! Reduce costs and downtime! Stay ahead of the competition!  Access your data easily and cheaply! If you are intrigued, know that it is all becoming standard practice right now. Using mature “off the shelf” technologies, you can do more with less.
IT already has a place in your organization, use it to save money.
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Information Management
We believe that technology should enable productivity. Our consultants offer technology solutions to help you reduce duplication of effort and ensure adherence to standard policies and practices. 

Some themes of Information Management include:

  • Enhancing the flow of information throughout systems
  • Ensure interoperability among organizational and external entities
  • Reducing businesses challenges with technology

CIO Outsourcing
You might not yet need an executive level position at your company for a CIO. You might not yet need an IT Manager; however, you still need the same technical advice your CIO would give. Our consultants are concerned with the same issues as your IT Manager:

IT Strategy
Ensuring Regulatory Compliance
Competition Information Technology Analysis
Project ROI
IT Standards and Practices
Project Management
Vendor or Consultant Selection